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Trans Liberation is Only Achievable Through Revolution!

On the occasion of the 11th Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice on June 26th, the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party raised the flag of trans liberation and proletarian feminism and the struggle of trans women and trans women of color in particular alongside our comrades from the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

11169469_10152921387996806_1546714951408818272_oComrades at NYC Trans Day of Action 2015

We do so as fighters among the people, but also as trans people ourselves, fighting for our total liberation.

It is not necessary that we revisit the litany of reasons why we fight. We all already know. We live it in our own skins. We know ourselves oppressed and exploited. We see our sisters, our comrades, fall. We ourselves stumble. We live in a world that often even refuses to recognize our existence. We all know and feel this.

We want to speak, however, about what we can do about our oppression and our exploitation. What are we doing about our oppression and our exploitation. And the origin of our oppression and exploitation.

Why communism?

Contrary to the anti-communist propaganda, communism is not some ugly, grey society, much worse for trans and queer people than our society. In fact, the first successful socialist revolution to seek to build communism was notorious (and attacked) for abolishing all laws regarding sexuality and gender differences (except those related to consent). The eventual overthrow of this was coupled with the eventual overthrow of socialism itself.

Our definition of communism is clear: without gender liberation, without sexual liberation, there is no revolution. We have to overthrow not just the system of exploitation (capitalism-imperialism,) but the systems of oppression that enable it. Without white supremacy, male supremacy, cis supremacy, heterosexism, national chauvinism and all other forms of oppression being relentlessly confronted by revolutionaries, the old way of doing things will be restored sooner or later. This happened in the Soviet Union, it happened in revolutionary China, it happened in every country that claimed to be socialist. We recognize that failure, while understanding that we can learn from their successes, which put to shame those of capitalism-imperialism.

Why proletarian feminism?

Proletarian feminism is the self-determined theory and practice put forth by communists world-wide on the question of gender and gender identity. It is born out of the criticism of the patriarchal failure of previous communist movements.

queers for Palestin 2015

While proletarian feminism is a recent development of theory and practice, this is no reason to not pursue it. In fact, it is an opportunity to sum up and to develop further the theoretical and practical lessons of the women’s movement up to now. We want to go beyond our experience of activism and into a revolutionary movement, a real revolutionary movement, a movement for real power for the liberation of all of us, the oppressed and the exploited.

Proletarian feminists reject biological arguments that support cis chauvinism and cis supremacy, and embrace gender liberation. We make it clear that gender, as identity, is in itself not the problem, but rather that gender roles (specially gender roles rooted in patriarchy) are the problem. These roles are ultimately rooted in class society, which in our times is capitalism-imperialism. “Feminist” trends that attack trans people for affirming their gender identity (and social being when possible) either in the name of gender abolition or in the name of defending a gender binary based on a sex binary, are actually engaging in a patriarchal definition of gender, and a capitalist-imperialist definition of gender. Until one’s gender identity and gender expression is only relevant as an expression of individuality, with no consequences as they relate to oppression and exploitation, we must fight for liberation.

Patriarchy orders gender today – this is why we are feminists. Working class and poor trans people have more in common with our working class and poor siblings (even when they are transantagonistic) than with even trans people at the top – this is why we are proletarian. Our total liberation is not possible until all oppression and exploitation is overthrown, this is why we are communists.

Caitlyn Jenner is a woman and our class enemy, but CeCe McDonald is a woman and our comrade!

Socialism is no guarantee against cis supremacy – it is up to us as trans people to ensure that the movement to overthrow capitalism doesn’t leave us behind. It is also the task of cis gender comrades to embrace, defend, listen, and march side by side with us, not to tokenize and dictate – but to be our comrades in trans liberation. We need physical and armed self-defense by any means necessary – it is with political organization this self-defense is the most effective. We cannot do it alone. Self-determination is not isolation!

Trans communists are part of the vanguard of the struggle for liberation, because capitalism-imperialism puts us at the bottom. We welcome trans organizations like the Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism (RATPAC) emerging, and look forward to explicitly proletarian and communist trans struggle, which has had a long time coming. RATPAC and others have begun to speak about proletarian transfeminism – and we look forward to engage with what this means in theory and practice – as trans and cis proletarian feminists we didn’t think we needed a further development. That said, we are not opposed to this development if it enriches and deepens our liberation. We need a trans movement that upholds and defends CeCe McDonald or Chelsea Manning as our examples – women who raised the level of struggle with their example, and any theoretical development that sums up and marches forward such a movement will be embraced.

sylvia r and Marsha p JComrades Sylvia Rivera and Marsh P. Johnson revolutionary pioneers of Stonewall 1969 and S.T.A.R (Street Transgender* Action Revolutionaries)

We stand on the shoulders of trans women like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson,  or Leslie Feinberg, comrades who embraced not just their own liberation, but that of all the people, without losing sight of self-determination as the starting point.

We seek to deepen their theoretical and practical contributions and develop a communist movement that moves beyond trans inclusion, and into acting shoulder to shoulder as comrades in trans liberation.

Trans women are women, there is no women’s liberation without trans woman liberation!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!

*the ‘T’ in S.T.A.R used to be Transvestite before becoming an outdated term.

NCP(LC) Statement on Patriarchy and Rectification of Gender Practice

The NCP(LC) seriously takes the issue of rectification on any given contradiction. It is important to rectify mistakes and errors before it becomes a problem that would be more difficult to deal with in the future if it hasn’t been addressed. The NCP(LC) is making an attempt at building a Maoist party in the United States and one of things we need to do in order to achieve that is provide leadership on the women’s question through proletarian feminist theory and practice. As a liaison committee the questions concerning proletarian-feminism are going through the process of line struggle as are other questions which are related to party building and developing socialist revolution in the US in the 21st Century.  But what we do agree on is that proletarian feminism is a theory and a practice that puts the primacy of class struggle within the struggle for women’s liberation and that if we don’t aim to destroy patriarchy while fighting against capitalism we are not fighting for socialism. Therefore we must set certain standards for a correct communist practice on gender. This is something we are not perfect in practice. We must be honest to ourselves, and to the masses, in order to learn from our mistakes and gain respect from the people.

In society, patriarchy exists as a contradiction among the people that can lead to antagonistic contradictions among the masses if not solved. Patriarchy precedes capitalism, so it is not itself a mode of production, but it is an ideological structure which changes and adapts to specifically historical modes of production as well as different cultures. Patriarchy structures gender roles (especially the gender division of labor), kinship relations, sexuality norms, and the institutions in class society which relegate women to a status which is less than that of men. In capitalism women face: 1) Commodification, both in the various types of sex-work, as well as in courtship and relationships (ie; slut-shaming criticizes women for not valuing themselves as a commodity to be exchanged in marriage.); 2) the Gender Division of labor in unpaid domestic work child rearing, and family duties; 3) Super-exploitation in wage work where women are paid less than men (helps lead to economic dependence), and; 4) Violence against women, from interpersonal domestic violence as well as organized violence from the state (ie militaries). We can turn to the late Anurandha Ghandy of the CPI(Maoist) on the question of patriarchy in capitalism:

“The Maoist perspective on the women’s question in India also identifies patriarchy as an institution that has been the cause of women’s oppression throughout class society. But it does not identify it as a separate system with its own laws of motion. The understanding is that patriarchy takes different content and forms in different societies depending on their level of development and the specific history and condition of that particular society; that it has been and is being used by the ruling classes to serve their interests. Hence there is no separate enemy for patriarchy. The same ruling classes, whether imperialists, capitalists, feudals and the State they control, are the enemies of women because they uphold and perpetuate the patriarchal family, gender discrimination and the patriarchal ideology within that society. They get the support of ordinary men undoubtedly who imbibe the patriarchal ideas, which are the ideas of the ruling classes and oppress women. But the position of ordinary men and those of the ruling classes cannot be compared.”

The NCP (LC) as a communist organization seeking to become a party is not excluded from patriarchy that exists among the people. This does not excuse comrades within our organization from participating in patriarchy and must be struggled out internally and among the people. Internally, historically, we have had problems with patriarchy and gender within the organization since we were in our predecessor organizations and failed to rectify collectives and specific individuals with practices that have been inconsistent with a proletarian feminist practice. In the New York City branch our gender practice has been poor impacting the development of women and the mass work overall. We had members criticized within the mass work and rectification processes for several errors in their gender practice. In the NCP (LC) and more specifically in the NYC branch we are still looking forward to not only rectify in practice but to undergo ideological development on the question of proletarian feminism.

A former comrade who was in the NCP(OC) and the NCP(LC), was expelled from both organizations. The OC had expelled this comrade for opportunist reasons because of political differences and holding a minority political line-along with their patriarchal practice and was brought into the LC along with a collectivity that initially had nothing to with the LC. This comrade was brought into the LC under the condition that he would undergo rectification for previous patriarchal behavior. That said, this comrade has not once been part of the democratic process of the NYC Branch or the Liaison Committee process as a whole, only a nominal member under discipline to deal with his rectification. If this comrade would have enthusiastically and willingly shown initiative throughout the rectification process, he would not have been expelled because the comrade would have proved he rectified his patriarchal practice thus becoming a full member in good standing. Unfortunately, that did not take place. Not only did this comrade fail to rectify, but his patriarchal practice had become worse over time putting other women in similar situations that exemplifies his sexist practice. The comrade in question has had a history of patriarchal and/or sexual misconduct for a few years. And it hasn’t been handled correctly for several reasons: 1.) criticism and rectification of this individual not on the basis of his practice necessarily but because he held a minority political line within communist organization; 2.) male chauvinism in the organization did not take the rectification at all times seriously enough; 3.) because the individual comrade has been seen as valuable and advanced on other questions except on the question of gender and; 4.) liberalism of friendships over politics. None are good excuses in the rectification of this individual are reflected in organizational liberalisms and not putting politics in command. If so we might have had the opportunity to “cure the sickness to save the patient”. But the blame does not fall exclusively on the organization but also must fall on the individual in question for not taking the rectification in a serious manner.

These are some major trends of liberalism that have manifested in dealing with the contradiction this individual had with other women until he finally had done almost nothing to show he would like to rectify his patriarchal practice and thinking. This individual had mistreated women who he was intimate or aimed to be intimate with in various ways. Physical abuse was not prevalent in all aspects, or even primary with all the women, but it was existent-to the point that it kept some of the women in a fearful state of the individual. Emotional abuse was prevalent with the individuals, as there had been times that he made his partners feel personally inferior to him. Also, with this emotional abuse came the use of sexist language to denigrate them or make them feel poorly of themselves, sexual misconduct, making sexual advances to an individual that was unwarranted and/or unwanted after consent was not given, and using the personal/intimate relationship for his own political gain and agenda. There were instances of this comrade trying to skip rectification by attempting to use his partner for his own political gain or bypass his rectification rather than do it himself. As the New York City branch of the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee), to practice transparency, accountability, discipline, and rectification, we are asking that those around us to ask the NCP (LC) any questions concerning this directly or anything else at

Solidarity from Manipur to the US!

The following statement is from the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur. The NCP(LC) extends our solidarity to our comrades in Manipur. Victory to the struggle of the masses of Manipur for national liberation and new democratic revolution!


Red Guards- Los Angeles, a branch of New Communist Party- Liaison Committee, is organizing an International Event called A Night of Solidarity with Manipur in support of the Revolutionary movement of Manipur on the 25th January, 2015 at 6 o’clock in the evening at La Concha in East Los Angeles on the eve of the International Protest Day Against Indian Expansionism to be held on the Republic Day of India. In the function there would be a video show regarding the situation in Manipur with a discussion program on the context of National Liberation Struggle of Manipur and India at present.


Indeed the function of the Red Guards- Los Angeles would remain as a remarkable day of historic landmark in the passage of the history of Revolutionary movements of Manipur. On behalf of the Peoples of Manipur, the Maoist Communist Party Manipur, of the New Peoples Militia, of the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people in Manipur, we send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the New Communist Party-Liaison Committee who is taking responsibility of Proletarian Internationalism in support of the Revolutionary Movement of Maoist Communist Party Manipur and National Liberation Struggle of Manipur in General. Please accept our revolutionary greetings to the National Leadership, all the members of your party and the revolutionary masses led by you. The presence of Maoist revolutionary pole in the United States with its Proletarian Internationalist Communist traditions is of great importance in our common struggle and we esteem your support.

“Your support in the true internationalist spirit, has given the necessary moral support to the oppressed peoples and the comrades who fight the Indian Expansionism in Manipur as a part of the world socialist revolution.”

‘Proletarians of the world unite’ is an example of how to bring change in the world at large. Since this very slogan of Karl Marx has reached in the soil of Manipur now, the universal proletarian Ideology of Maoism is mushrooming in the minds of the new generation of Manipuri youngsters. Maoist Communist Party Manipur of which representing the new generation of Manipur, will fight peoples war with the true Internationalist sprit. The development of Maoist movement in terms of expansion, advancement and greater extension of strength around the globe engender courage and provides moral support to each and every Maoist of Manipur.

Our party, which further carries on the legacy of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot led Communist Movement, has developed the New Democratic revolution as an integral part of the world socialist revolution. We are being prepared in every quarter for a New Democratic Revolution and have been advancing. Our task is to complete the revolution led by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot by adopting the universal proletarian ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as guiding principal of the party.


The New Democratic Revolution in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial, neo-colonial and colonial countries and the socialist revolutions in the capitalist-imperialist countries, which form the two streams of the world socialist revolution and the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is more and more grasped by the people as their guiding ideology. People are becoming gradually aware that the imperialists, their lackeys/puppets ruler in the oppressed countries and all kinds of reactionaries are common enemies of all the oppressed peoples and nations in the world, and join more and more in the fighting ranks. All the basic contradictions in the world and in every country increase and intensify day by day.The world situation is excellent for the Proletarian revolution. Thus, the urgent task of communists everywhere in the world is to take the excellent objective conditions to politically mobilize and consolidate the oppressed masses and strengthen the subjective forces, because only a strong proletarian party and consolidated masses can successfully make revolution.

The International Event to be organized by The New Communist Party-Liaison Committee with a great role has become a new message to the people of Manipur. With this the Maoist Communist Party Manipur will be able to battle without remorse and evacuation as if the organizer has taught and directed us a new true path of Revolution with a new courage. The solidarity shown by Red Guards -Los Angeles in the very moment of the party being formed and strengthening gradually since last year, is much worth of and valued of utmost and it will wide-awake the people of Manipur in particular. This type of solidarity gives great confidence to the People of Manipur, convincing that they are not alone in their struggle.

Today, we are made feel much proud of the irreplaceable red blood of the Martyrs, sacrificed by our inimitable comrades in the efforts of the formation and development of Maoist movement, as their red blood has amalgamated in the ocean of World Socialist Revolution. We pledge before all of you that we would carry on the lofty aims of all great martyrs of the world proletarian revolution and announce that no amount of fascist repression can subdue the fighting spirit of our Party and the revolutionary people of Manipur. We will march forward with enhanced determination braving all kinds of odds and making sacrifices till the final victory. This is our promise to the international proletariat, to all the friends and well-wishers of Manipur revolution.

Long live the proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Yawolna Yaifare.