The Police Cannot Be Reformed, They Must Be Defeated

Without a people’s army, the people have nothing”

– Mao Zedong


The masses have the correct instinct to rebel against capitalist white supremacy. Rebellion must become revolution, to uproot the entire system of genocidal oppression that kills a Black man every 28 hours. The people of Ferguson have rightfully rebelled following the execution of Michael Brown by the armed agents of the capitalist state, a story of murder that has caused outrage throughout the country. For the people of Ferguson, protest signs and pickets are not enough; they fought fire with fire, challenging the very legitimacy of the white supremacist, capitalist state. Ferguson is now under a military style occupation, aptly compared to the occupation of Gaza by the terrorist state of Israel.

tensions-still-high-in-missouri-war-zone-after-mondays-riotsNowhere in the US is the need for a People’s Army felt more strongly than it is in Ferguson right now. Oppressed people, who daily risk losing their lives for the crime of existing while being Black refuse to submit to the terror of capitalist white supremacy. The People refuse to allow there to be peace while Trayvon Martin can be shot by a vigilante agent of white supremacy for being Black and near a gated white community. The People refuse to allow there to be peace while white supremacist fascists can openly carry guns and flock to the US border to kill migrant children but John Crawford was shot to death in a Walmart for holding a toy gun while being Black. The People refuse to allow there to be peace when the list of lives stolen by capitalist white supremacy grows larger with every passing hour. Not more than 48 hours after the execution of Michael Brown in Ferguson, a young Black man with mental health issues named Ezell Ford was shot by police in Los Angeles while lying face down.

The state responds to the rebellion from its internal colonies with a military style occupation: assault rifles, riot gear, a no fly zone, K9 units etc. The fact that Black people in America are an internally colonized people becomes crystal clear. The role of  the state is revealed as being to punish and discipline these neocolonial subjects, precisely because the state is an instrument for the rule over all of society by the white supremacist, capitalist ruling class whose American empire oppresses the People of the world- drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan, a decade long occupation that destroyed Iraq, financing of Israel’s genocidal colonization of Palestine, the destabilization of African countries, propping up right wing dictatorships in Latin America etc.

The Indian people are fighting to take control of their country away from the feudal landlords, the capitalists and imperialism, and put it in the hands of the masses. The People's Liberation Guerrilla Army is a tool for the Indian masses to wage their revolutionary struggle for liberation and power.
The Indian people are fighting to take control of their country away from the feudal landlords, the capitalists and imperialism, and put it in the hands of the masses. The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army is a tool for the Indian masses to wage their revolutionary struggle for liberation and power.

The white supremacist, capitalist empire that is called the USA was built on the enslavement of African slaves, the near-extermination and theft of land from Native Americans, the colonization of Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines. It is these people who are colonial subjects inside of the empire. During the decades of the 60’s and the 70’s, it was from these internal colonies that revolutionary forces sprang forth calling for revolution, socialism, and the destruction of the white supremacist empire. Through its counter-revolutionary terrorism, the imperialist state helped to crush these movements and strengthened its repressive apparatuses to further terrorize and oppress their social base so as to prevent the rise of such revolutionary forces. From the eyes of the state, Black people must be reminded of what their place is, undocumented immigrants must live in terror and keep providing cheap labor in the same way that Israel tries to keep Palestinians living in fear.

Revolutionaries in the US must fight against oppression- whether it is the execution of Black men every 28 hours, the detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants, fascist militias hurrying to kill migrant children escaping national oppression, etc. The white supremacist, capitalist ruling class is the enemy of the People and it is able to exercise its terrorism through the organized power of the state. The People must be capable of fighting back and taking power in society, to be able to put an end to all oppression and exploitation, to destroy capitalist white supremacy! The Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party aspires to build the revolutionary party of the proletariat, an organization through which the masses can resist and defeat the US white supremacist, imperialist state!





WHEN: May 23rd, at 5:00pm

WHERE: 3 E 64th st, NY, NY 10065


The Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party – NCP(LC), strongly condemns the abduction and false charges against the leaders of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) in India, Dr. G.N. Saibaba and Jeevan Chandra. We are calling for a rally the Indian consulate in NYC, to support the demands of the RDF of India for the release of Dr. Saibaba and Jeevan Chandra, and stand in solidarity with the National Democratic Movement of India.

On May 9th 2014 the undercover Police of the Indian state of  Maharashtra Police abducted Dr. G.N. Saibaba – a leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) and a leading voice for the oppressed in India –  while he was returning home from work at the Daulat Ram College in Delhi University. Dr. Saibaba’s abduction included blindfolding him, holding him in isolation and not informing his family of his whereabouts – actions made more serious by the fact Dr. Saibaba is wheelchair bound and differently-abled.
Jeevan Chandra, President of RDF in Uttarakhand, was also abducted on May 5th under similar circumstances.

These abductions are believed to be related to false accusations of collusion with the underground of the Indian Maoists, previously resulting in raids to Dr. Saibaba’s residence on September 12th 2013 and January 7th respectively during which Dr. Saibaba and his family fully cooperated with the police in their inquiry. During both the raid and the interrogation, Dr. Saibaba and his family extended their full cooperation with the police and intelligence forces. There is no reason to abduct a public political figure and activist in this manner.

This abduction violates the basic human rights of Dr. Saibaba and Jeevan Chandra, and represents the increased attempts to criminalize democratic revolutionary voices in India on the part of the Indian State. This is a direct attack on those who dare raise their voices for the democratic rights of the people of India.

Having faced repression in the USA for raising the voice of the people against militarism, poverty, and imperialism, we in the NCP(LC) stand in full solidarity with Dr. G.N. Saibaba and Jeevan Chandra, voices of democracy and the people that cannot be silenced no matter how hard the Indian State attempts to do so. These abductions expose the real nature of the Indian State not as a “weak democracy” but a class dictatorship in which freedom of speech and association are granted or taken away depending on whose class is being served.

We call on all of us who believe in true democracy to call upon the Indian government to drop the false charges and release them. And we extend a warm embrace to the Indian masses in their popular struggles and to the comrades of the Revolutionary Democratic Front as one of their leading organizations.

Lal Salaam!

For a people’s India!

Free Dr. Saibaba! Free Jeevan Chandra!

End fascist repression of the Indian State!

Victory to the people!

May Day Statement of the NCP(LC)

NCP(LC) and RSCC preparing for the May Day march

The Liaison Committee for a new Communist Party in the US. participated in celebrating the struggles of the international proletariat on May Day 2014. The proletariat has reason to celebrate, what with the merger of the CPI (Maoist) and CPI (ML) Naxalbari in India. This marks an important development in the revolutionary struggle of the Indian people, which is welcome news after recent setbacks in the International Communist Movement (the arrests of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon in the Philippines and the arrest of 24 Movadef members in Peru). We congratulate our comrades in India on this merger and are hopeful for the victory of their struggle.

The NYC Branch of the NCP (LC) attended a May Day rally and march with the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC), a revolutionary mass organization leading a proletarian struggle in the City University of New York. We participated in hosting a workshop on the role of revolutionary youth, as well as a revolutionary youth contingent that led the thousands strong march through downtown NYC. The citadels of finance capital rang with the loud echoes of chants such as “Ruling class in a ditch, reign of terror on the rich!” for the imperialist bourgeoisie to hear and fear.

May Day 2014 in NYC was organized along the theme of supporting the struggles of undocumented immigrants in the US. The struggle for immigration reform is a democratic demand of the oppressed masses in the US, led by oppressed nationality youth. Lately the movement for immigration reform has been taking a more radical turn, with the young leaders of the movement realizing the limits of pursuing legislative reform within the structures of the state. Militant actions are being undertaken, such as breaking immigrants out of detainment in opposition to bourgeois legality and the repressive state apparatuses that enforce it. What we are witnessing is the passing of leadership of that movement from the petty bourgeoisie to the proletariat, the class which, due to its historical position, is able to lead that struggle to revolutionary ends. One divides into two, and as a militant proletarian leadership emerges it comes into confrontation with the liberal, petty bourgeois forces preceding it. This was made apparent on May Day in Chicago, where SEIU (a labor union) and ICIRR (an immigrant rights group advocating for reactionary policies) detained two radical activists for the police to arrest, one of them an undocumented critic of the ICIRR’s opportunism. Class struggle for leadership of the movement will continue, but only the proletariat is capable of articulating a strategy that results in liberation.

 The revolutionary science of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism illuminates the potential of the struggle of undocumented immigrants in the US to become an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist movement. The principal contradiction on the world scale, between imperialism and the oppressed nations and people propels immigration into imperialist metropoles such as the US. Oppressed people from parts of the world such as Latin America and Asia enter into the US without legal documentation, becoming deprived of bourgeois democratic rights. Illegalized by bourgeois legality, undocumented immigrants are subject to capitalist super-exploitation, national oppression and some of the worst patriarchy. The bourgeoisie’s greed for wealth leads it to place them near the means of production, laboring in agriculture, industry and other branches of the division of social labor in order to squeeze vast amounts of surplus value from this vulnerable population.

Their proximity to the means of production is simultaneously the nightmare of the bourgeoisie; if they were to join with other oppressed people along with the rest of the proletariat to seize power, such a force would be capable of bringing the bourgeoisie and the imperialist state to its knees. This potential is why the bourgeoisie must terrorize undocumented immigrants. This is a population (11 million people) that will be vital to the socialist revolution in the US. With proletarian leadership, the demands of this movement can go beyond legislative reform and nearer to the seizure of power.

We in The Liaison Committee for the new Communist Party aspire to build this force of leadership, a Maoist Communist Party that unleashes the revolutionary potential of the masses by placing in command the leadership of proletarian politics, and clearing away the fetters of revisionism and liberalism. The activated force of the masses with the leadership of a revolutionary Communist Party would make the imperialist bourgeoisie awake with fear in their hearts on May Day and every other day for years to come!

Congratulations to the NPA

The Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party congratulates the New People’s Army (NPA) in its 45th anniversary.

Since its founding, the NPA has grown from a few rifles to the leading armed forces of the people’s of the Philippines – the stalwart defender of the people, but also its most important weapon in the conquest of political power, which grows out of the barrel of the gun.

The NPA’s capacity and tenacity in the face of comprador and imperialist attack are a shining example to all of us worldwide who want to struggle for socialism on the path to communism. It has shown the world that when the people people have nothing, they can have everything, if they dare to struggle and dare to win!

In the moments when the Aquino government intensifies its repression of the National Democratic movement, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines hallucinates about the NPA being weakened, this anniversary shows that the NPA is not only growing stronger every day, but that history is a long march – and that the struggle is by definition protracted.  We salute all the NPA fighters and the revolution peoples of Philippines in this momentous event and remember with them the joys and sorrows of struggle. We remember the victories of the NPA as our own, and the martyrs of the NPA as our own. For the victory of the National Democratic forces in the Philippines is a victory for the world’s peoples and its proletariat.

Long live the revolutionary peoples of the Philippines and their armed forces, the NPA!

Onwards to victory!


NCP-LC Statement Condemning The Illegal Arrest Of Wilma Austria and Benito Tiamzon!

Free Wilma Austria And Benito Tiamzon!

Long Live The People’s Struggle!


Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria, two  National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultants, were arrested by security forces in a joint military-police operation on March 22nd. Benito and Wilma are holders of letters of acknowledgement from the Philippines government stating “The above named person is entitled to the safety and immunity guarantees as provided under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) for the duration of the peace negotiations. You are hereby required to facilitate the safe conduct of the above named person”. According to the Defense Secretary, the Tiamzons are undergoing “tactical interrogation”; under the conditions of severe repression faced by communists this may well be synonymous with torture.

The arrest of these NDFP consultants is illegal even by the standards of bourgeois legality, and we unite with the New Democratic Movement of the Philippines in its demand that Benito and Wilma Tiamzon be immediately and unconditionally released.

Benito and Wilma Tiamzon are part of the New Democratic Movement in the Philippines to end the conditions of semi-feudalism, semi-colonialism and bureaucrat capitalism, and to establish socialism in the Philippines. They were captured while they were conducting an investigation into the living conditions of working class people in the Viasayas region which was devastated by super-typhoon Yolanda.

Their lives are devoted to the service of the people and only the people can judge them, not a regime that collaborates with US imperialism to enrich itself at the expense of the oppression of its own people.